“What is the true power of memory?” This is the question that Sao must asks himself as he searches for his abducted clan. To free them, he’ll have to brave a world on the brink of war, join the ranks of outlaws, mend familial rifts, and confront a corrupting evil born from the legacy of men. 

Update Wednesday and Sundays.


River (any pronouns) was born in Vietnam and is currently based in Houston. Their inspirations are the bootleg mangas and fantasy shows that were available in Vietnam during the late 90s, such as Dragon Ball, Dragon Quest, Doraemon, and The Adventure of Hercules.

Sao and the Glow of Memories is rooted in their growing radical understanding of the world. It explores the role of memory within intimate relationships and larger systems, along side themes of revolution, unity, and family. The comic is very loosely inspired by Vietnamese and Sumerian myths, culture, and history.


IG: saoandtheglowofmemories

Twitter: River121693

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Land Acknowledgement:

This comic was produced on land stewarded by the Muwekma Ohlone people (San Francisco, CA) and land originally stewarded by the Tāp Pīlam Coahuiltecan and the Sana band (Cypress, TX).